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What is happening in the construction industry?

Construction business' insurance premiums are going up. Even businesses without claims will be experiencing increases in their rates. This is due to the insurance industry experiencing high number of claims and increased claim payouts.

Below are some of our current premium observations:

At Least10%

Increase for Auto Insurance Fleets

Up to35%

Increase in Umbrella Premiums

Why should I shop my insurance policy this year?

The insurance market is cyclical. Think of it like a pendulum, it fluctuates constantly between a hard market and a soft markets. Right now, we are in a hard market and rates are going up.

As a business owner, it is important you work closely with your insurance broker regarding your policy, future investment decisions and any major decisions regarding your business.

What we are doing to make help construction owners?

At Harrah and Associates, we specialize in the construction industry. Here is how we can help keep your costs down:

  • We have access to over 30+ insurance companies
  • We are experienced working with underwriters to best position your company
  • We consult our clients on loss control practices
  • We provide educational resources such as documentation, webinars and presentations
  • …We always pick up the phone

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