Harrah and Assoc Personal Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Your assets – retirement, college fund, home and savings could all be at risk, but for as little as pennies a day you can secure peace of mind knowing you are protected.

The world is full of potential accidents and with America’s love affair with lawsuits; you can’t afford not to have an umbrella policy. A slippery deck boat, a mistake while you’re driving, an accident in your pool – these all can lead to catastrophic injuries, outrageous medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and lawsuits. With no umbrella policy, one of these lawsuits can drag you through stressful and money‐draining legal proceedings.

Umbrella insurance policy is the best way to give you extra

Many underlying home, auto and boat policies don’t have enough coverage. Purchasing an umbrella insurance policy is the best way to give you extra protection in case a covered loss occurs.

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