Teen Drivers Insurance

Did you know…

  • Accident rates among teenagers are higher than any other driving age group and they are most likely to get into an accident during their first 3 months of driving?
  • Nearly 3000 teenage drivers experience fatal accidents across the US every year?
  • Motor vehicle accidents are the #1 cause of death for teenagers?

Keep your teen safe and your premiums reasonable

As a result, your auto insurance can skyrocket when you add a teen onto your plan.

At Harrah & Associates, we will help you get a handle on this costly coverage with discounts and auto buying suggestions and coverage recommendations to protect your family. We will also help you teach your teen to be a safer driver with our teen driving contract. We want to keep your teen safe, your assets protected and your premiums reasonable.

Sleep better at night – call us today or fill out our free teen driving quote form.