Group Health Insurance in NJ

A good health insurance policy is an important employee benefit, for your business.

Why group health insurance?

There are many factors involved in your consideration of group health insurance for your business, including:

  • Low costs – As group health insurance is effectively a form of buying in bulk, you can expect great discounts.
  • Tax benefits – You can lower your tax liability.
  • Employee retention rates will improve – Offering health insurance is one of the best ways to hold onto your most valuable employees while also attracting the best talent to your company.
  • Motivated workforce – Your employees are going to be more productive and motivated because they feel valued.
  • Less sick days – With health insurance, your employees are going to be less likely to ignore medical symptoms, meaning better overall health within your company.

A good health insurance policy can attract high value talent, motivate your staff and promote loyalty, in addition to health and tax benefits.

Understanding the Jargon

Medical insurance companies can often confuse customers with complex jargon. If you have no experience in the insurance industry, these terms will likely be unfamiliar to you, and you should never sign up to an insurance agreement without fully understanding them. As a broker, we are here to help you understand everything about all of the policies available to you.

Selecting a group health insurance plan may feel a bit overwhelming, which is why it is always good to use a broker. Here at Harrah & Associates we’ll help you understand the benefits of each policy and provide an objective viewpoint so we can chose the best plan for you.

Medical Insurance Terms

When selecting an insurer and a policy, it’s helpful to understand some of the terms used by the industry.

Lifetime Maximum

A cap on how much the insurance firm will pay for your claims over your policy’s total duration.


Typically describes how much you need to pay the insurance firm for the policy. Most plans are paid on a monthly or annually basis, although some companies may agree to quarterly payments.


The shared amount of money you need to pay for covered medical treatment and services. For example, you may see something like Maternity – 20%. This means that when it comes to Maternity services and treatments, the member will pay 20% of the bill while the insurance firm will pay the remaining 80%.

Excess or Deductible

The amount of money you need to pay before the insurance firm is going to start paying for the medical expenses. This can either be per year, per insurance period, or per incident. You will lower your premium by choosing policies with a higher deductible.

Group Medical Insurance from Harrah & Associates

If you are interested in group medical insurance or have questions, call Harrah & Associates today. We will help you to understand your options and to choose the right policy for you. As we are a broker, we do not have ties with any specific plans, ensuring that we will provide you with full honesty and transparency, as well as a better selection of insurance products.

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