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a female small business owner

7 Types of Insurance Every Business Owner Needs to Prevent Losses

If you own your own business, you're in a select group. Estimates differ, but somewhere between 10-16% of Americans own businesses. Owning…

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Injured worker who fell and lost his helmet

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work: A Guide For Business Owners

When you are a business owner, you worry about your bottom line costs and profits. But you also think about what would happen if one of…

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Do You Need Business Insurance? 5 Convincing Reasons Why You Do

As a business owner, it's challenging to cover all your bases, especially if you are new to entrepreneurship. You might wonder, do you need…

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Mac keyboard with a lock on the return key

What Does a Cyber Liability Insurance Policy Cover?

Cyber attacks are the high-tech crime of the century. The aim of cyber thieves is usually to steal sensitive data stored on company…

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freelancer hard at work on his laptop at a coffee shop

Liability Insurance for Freelancers: Professional vs. General

These days there is so much choice in terms of the employment opportunities. More people are going into business for themselves and…

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man in hoodie hacking on his laptop

What To Know About Cyber Liability Insurance & Security

Every single business should be concerned about their online security. There are so many cybercriminals out there, and they target a…

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